Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Fried Egg

Kids, this one is about your brain on drugs. What you can't see is that girlfriend is sitting on my bag- which was full of 2 water bottles, a hardcover book, magazine, amongst other things. She didn't notice. It was seriously the pointiest and bulkiest bag I've carried in a long time. I couldn't figure out how she didn't notice. Then I saw that face! Oh, that face. The tongue she is unable to control, half out, kinda just laying there mid-mouth. The creepy focused/unfocused eyes. Drugs are NOT pretty, children! She' lucky the bar was pitch black, thank god for flash photography. I suppose this one isn't as fair because it's more about the action than the visual, but I guess I could mention the cheesy Holiday Party halter from Express and the Nike hightops that weren't even cool in the 80s.


Anonymous Tuuta said...

is she pregnant?

6:00 PM  

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