Monday, December 11, 2006

Skating Star

Deep in the bowels of Central Park, lies an area of intrigue and mystery. A giant oval is chalked off, signifying a barrier of sorts. (DO NOT CROSS THE CHALK YOU MORTALS!) A flashback to 1990s house music grates on the brain. Where am I? Quantum Leap? And then gliding back and forth, forwards, backwards, spinning round and round in tight tight shiny spandex leaving nothing to the imagination- are New York's biggest freaks. They gather and "skate jam" for hours on end. I am perplexed. Yet, I can never look away. Not far away, congregate the "serious skaters", skating cone obstacle courses in SILENCE.
This lady has to be in her late 60s. And let me tell you, she was "on" the whole time, with her performance face, shimmying in that spandex outfit for anyone who'd watch (and really, who couldn't look away?!)


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